The bridesmaids really aimed to make this day special in honor of the Bride-to-Be (Nadia).  Making this the sweetest celebration, showering Nadia with so much smiles and love, and not to mention all of that time they spend on the details in decoration!



As seen in the first few pictures, one thing that went against us was the stormy weather. After everything was set up outside, in a yard overlooking Newman Lake, it began to pour forcing us to move everything into the house. At first it was a little disappointing as everything was in a rush, but it made for some hilarious memories - and all of the ladies were willing to help in the process. The bride-to-be arrived (being tricked into coming to the location) and was instantly welcomed with hugs. We still were all right in the middle of moving things around when she came, bringing the sunshine with her! The storm passed and we were able to make the event outdoors just as it was originally planned.  The girls snuggled up in blankets for the evening of yummy food, exciting games, and ending with karaoke at sunset.