A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of helping out these folks by snapping a few casual birthday photos, celebrating the 1-year anniversary of there firstborn girl. Really, with little munchkins like this, it's the candid, 'in action' photographs that mean the most. Often times, family events are the most tiring for both photographer and the parents.

...But why make it more difficult than it has to be? 

Kids can be so unpredictable and no matter how much you plan, I'd say there is a very small percentage promising it will go just as you imagined. And that's OKAY! Because you want to capture the joy of your child just doing what they do best, without getting let down of high expectations of them looking straight into the camera or smiling 24/7, or sitting in a perfect pose for more than 5 seconds (let's be realistic here!). By all means, I'm not saying these things are not possible, but definitely more rarely achieved (news flash, not all toddlers are born with golden modeling skills and lasting patience). So don't try to aim for "picture-perfect", for me and the family the images serve as the awesome memories to cherish and keep for Milana to see as she grows older - and that's what makes them "perfect". Makes me happy to help families document moments like this... without hassle of planning and hosting the event, keeping the baby in check, and trying to get great images all at the same time