YOUR moment to SHINE!

You've come all this way & now it's time to truly celebrate your achievement .

I want these images to be exceptionally special to you, and as you journey on with your life path, you can remember the amazing feeling of this moment in time.
To get the absolute best out of your photo shoot, I highly recommend following these tips!

to bring:


casual outfit

jumpsuit, skirt, pants, or shorts with a cute top (throw over a blazer to make it more professional, you never know you might need these pictures for a resume!)


a dress that you absolutely love

(mini, midi or maxi, but flowy maxis are my absolute favorites!


cap & gown

Bring a 3rd outfit that you can wear with this. Make sure the colors correspond to the sash/gown and if choosing a dress it generally looks nicer with a shorter dress underneath the gown.

*wanna be funky? bring along that letterman jacket, your college t-shirt, your team uniform, ect.



hat, high-heels / sandal, some earrings or necklace can really add to the look!


lip color

You do not need to go bright, but even something to give those lips some tint makes a huge difference! Many times ladies need to reapply during the shoot.


FALSE EYELASHES! They do not have to be spider leg dramatic, you can settle for the most natural length, but they do make a big difference! If not, opt for curling your lashes before applying mascara.

Apply a little bit more coverage then your normally would especially in the problem blemish areas. Extend the foundation to your neck for a seamless tone blend. Feel free to apply make up to your body as well if you have blemishes.

Even if you are not doing a bright lip color, make sure to use a touch of color so your lips are not washed out in the pictures.


  1. DO Consider pampering yourself with a mani-pedi a few days before your photo shoot date.
  2. Sticking to neutral earth tones (blues, sage, white, beige, greys, pastels) tend to compliment the skin tones the best and work with the background of your scenery. Heavy patterns are ok in moderation, but they tend to look best in person but are distracting on camera (this really does depend on the particular article of clothing). 
  3. KEEP IN MIND the season and your location!

For example: If you are taking photos in the summer on the green grass, it will probably not be the best idea to dress in sage/green because the images colors will be blended and their wont be that special "pop"!



A few tips to prep for your photo session:

  1. Hydrate: Make sure to drink lots of water for your best, most hydrated skin.
  2. Get your sleep: This one's obvious, but try to get a good night sleep before your shoot.
  3. Choose AND try on your outfit(s): feel your best!
  4. Press your clothes: Wrinkles are a photoshoot's worst, most avoidable enemy! Iron, steam, or dry clean your clothes, to ensure your 'fits are wrinkle-free.
  5. Communicate with me about any final requests you have or questions, I want this to be a smooth and chill process. :)

A NOTE ON GLASSES: If you always wear them, plan to wear them in your photos. We can always do some photos with & some without so you have options. Do not wear transition lenses to your session, There will not be any retouching on dark lenses.