When and how will we receive our photos?

For portrait sessions, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for your images to be finalized and delivered (depending on the season and package you chose).

The images included in your package will be selected at the discretion of the photographer, carefully handpicking and choosing a variety of images from the shoot and the ones you look best!

Photos will be delivered through an online gallery where you can download your digital images, purchase extras, and buy prints if desired. You can share the gallery with your friends/family and they can also purchase digitals or prints if desired.

** NEED 48-hr RUSH ORDER SERVICE? I'll put your session post-processing ahead of the queue for $100.

What is the best way to print my photos?

There is power in printing your photos. Something about holding them in your hands and seeing them on your walls is just so special. Your photos deserve to be displayed, not locked away on a hard drive or stuck in the mess of your computer!

Commercial labs like Walmart or CVS don’t always print the way that you see the picture on your phone. Often times they are darker, muddier, and the reds are off (or the tint/saturation of another color!).

My clients have the option to order prints/canvases/cards/etc straight from their gallery. I exclusively work with professional labs that offer high end products, and they will color calibrate my images to look exactly how they are suppose to. I like knowing that all the work I put in post-processing the images from a session to make them look their best, is what I get in return.

It is obvious that you chose your photographer for their quality, so why not trust them with ordering your prints as well?

What should we wear?

Upon booking, I will send you a full guide regarding tips & tricks for your upcoming photo shoot so you are well prepared!

What if I'm late to my appointment?

It best to arrive 5 minutes before the start of your session so you are ready to begin shooting right at your appointment booking time. If you are few minutes late, no big deal... we'll take advantage of the minutes we have left to work with.

If you are more than 15 minutes late or more, your appointment is automatically cancelled and you will have to pay a $100 fee to reschedule. No exceptions. I understand sometimes there are moments out of our control, but try your best to plan for traffic. Plan for your daughter to throw a tantrum as you're brushing her hair. Plan for a major diaper blowout right when you're getting out of the car. It's better to be 15 minutes early and waiting for your appointment to start instead of scrambling and frantic and chaotic and late. I promise.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

All retainers for weddings or photoshoots are non-refundable. Since I turn down work for your reserved date, I do not refund any amount paid up to the date you cancel your event or photo session.

What if my kid is cranky during our photo session?

Not to worry! All kids have their moments during a session. We can take breaks for deep breaths, snacks, snugs, whatever they need. And I have lots of tricks to get smiles from even the crankiest kiddos. At the end of the day, we're trying to tell your story and meltdown moments are part of that story!

How much do extra images cost?

$10 / each or depending on a client-to-client basis I provide a bundle deal option to purchase the entire gallery. The amount of photographs taken at a session vary depending on location/number of people/number of outfits/etc. So any extras you wish to purchase beyond the included in your package will be available to view and select.

How can I know about Mini Sessions or other sales/promotions before anyone else?

Stay tuned on my instagram or facebook! If you are a returning client I can sign you up for email announcements to get first dibs on the best spots!

What does the post-processing involve?

Good question!

Editing includes the initial adjustments to an image: cropping, color correction, shadows, highlights, contrast, brightness, and basic touch ups. Everything to help bring the photo to life with my unique style, and give you quality images.

But you can fix it photoshop right?
Generally speaking: If can't do it in the moment with posing, I can do it with Photoshop. That being said, I like to keep things natural, so I only do heavy retouching that is necessary or requested.

- Retouching takes it a step further with more advanced adjustments like removing distractions in the background, blemish correction smoothing and shaping body features, wrinkle softening, teeth whitening, and for group photos, headswaps and composites (layering images to get the best pieces of each of them) to make sure everyone looks their best, Removing or adding someone to an image, ect.

*Because heavy touchups add any hours of workload to my post-process, in some cases there is are touchup fees involved. Which is why I provide a prep-guide for you shoot!