“...when you evolve and change, you'll be flooded with nostalgia of this moment in time.”

Hi I'm Jessica, happy you stopped by!

Long story short, this has been my passion since childhood.

I enjoying making ordinary people feel special, documenting them as the star characters. So you can look at the photo and think, Dang, I look good.
My photos are about you, about your relationships and emotions in this stage of your life.

QUICK facts


“- My faith is my drive, that’s how I am filled with so much compassion & love for couples and families!
- I can eat sweets all day & drink chai
- Had a big wedding with over 250 guests, and Married for 6 years!
- Mornings are a battle with the warm blanket, but evenings I'm a night own
- I am actually very timid to market myself
- Three little humans call me momma
- I can play a tune or two on the piano
- I like to dance in the kitchen and crank my music loud (whether rock or even if its classical)”

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What do my clients love?

hear about their experience